What Self-Sovereign Identity Means

Self-Sovereign Identity is for all people who hate having to constantly deal with a disparate collection of usernames and passwords, just want the bad guys to go away, and for the good guys to enjoy the trust they deserve.

Our friend, Daniel Hardman, writes in his latest Medium article his thoughts on what the reality of SSI means to us.</p?
“SSI puts us — not institutions that leak our data to hackers, sell our data to partners, or surveil us for their own purposes — in charge. It also empowers governments, businesses, and other institutions that want to revolutionize privacy, redefine the cybersecurity and regulatory landscape, reduce cost and risk, keep people safe in pandemics, and do right by the people they serve. If you want to read more about it, I recommend this introductory piece or this definitive, in-depth treatment with contributions from dozens of experts.” Continue reading…