People have been asking me this about our startup venture; Hey Gordon (Dr. Gordon Jones) how is Validide going to compete with your so-called #GAAFTM (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft) and my answer is quite simple – AAF are centralizers. They want to control your data. We are an independent identity wallet that decentralizes your identity so you can control it towards what is called Self Sovereign Identity (#SSI). So that is your decision… centralize your identity or decentralize it.

Next is Twitter – I don’t think Twitter is going to be around in a year or two and they certainly will not get into the identity business; now for Microsoft. While they are also a centralizer, they have been contributing a great deal to the decentralized network #ION being built on the Bitcoin Blockchain and we applaud this. As a matter of fact, they are promoters of Decentralized Identifiers (DID). While MS may create their own identity wallet system, they will also be leveraging ION and other DID networks to manage what Daniel Buchner describes in this video as Verifiable Credentials.

We love this about MS and Validide WILL leverage #ION#Sovrin, and all #DID based digital assets and Verifiable Credentials because our identity wallet system will be the decentralized exchange for interoperability across DID networks (this is our secret sauce).

If you want to see Daniel’s full interview from the Bitcoin conference in Miami, watch it on #ReasonTV‘s network:

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