We believe in a world where people are empowered through their identity; where people hold dominion over their private data, and benefit from its use by any government, private enterprise, and other third parties. You can trust that our decentralized verification process to turn your PII  into secure Verifiable Credentials.

Your Life – Futurized & Secure

Why are you sharing more personal information than you need to? Validide enables you to share just what is necessary—the bare minimum—to identify who you are, and nothing else. Avoid being scammed or controlled by fake individuals or fraudulent companies. Google, Facebook and all social media control your information without your full permission. Then your information is just a click away for the entire world to see. Our decentralized identity technology puts you in control by minimizing what others can see and access. We have created a structural fortress around your personal identity to protect you now—and in the future.

Of Age

Simple, easy age identification for restaurants, bars, subscriptions, and countless other vendors or suppliers who require age-appropriate service.

Personal Identity Information

Your Personal Identity Information (PII) is safeguarded by Validide so you only divulge information that is absolutely necessary for your needs—not personal details that could compromise your security.

Tickets & Passes

Purchase or display tickets and passes to any and all sporting and entertainment events, games, festivals, and public and private gatherings with simple verification.


Make instant payment instantly and conveniently with pre-approved identity and financial information without providing unnecessary personal details.


Verify your COVID vaccination clearance or testing and other types of health-related information that is necessary to share when time is critical without release your Personal Health Information (PHI) to those who don’t need access to it.

Pro Careers

When you apply for a job, you can use your verified work and education credentials, and background-check screenings to reduce the burden of your future employer hiring a third party to verify your credentials. Quickly and easily share without expensive and repetitive, time-consuming applications and certifications.



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